Episode 1 • March 16, 2020



Important Information

Dear friends,

Access to DigitYser will be limited to badge holders only in this difficult period.

For the following 4 weeks we have taken serious decisions in order to minimize the risks of spreading :

  • To close DigitYser until April 19th (no more reception).

  • To cancel all events held at DigitYser until April 19th

  • To cancel the free coworking, only people with badges can enter

  • To cancel all general services like coffee, posts and parcels - you can make your own coffee

  • Meeting rooms are not available

  • The reception will not be manned, so please make sure that the package delivery is not sent to DigitYser

  • One person from the staff will be present each day in the morning, the other members will work from home.

    Cleaning material will be available under the sink of the bar. You are responsible for your own actions now, thank you for helping us to keep this environment as safe as possible.

    Please do not invite people at DigitYser & Do not use the meeting rooms.

    Brace yourself, this thing is serious.

    Philippe and Team


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